Can Phiten necklaces get wet?

Answer Phiten titanium necklaces shouldn't get excessively wet or be left to soak in water, as this can damage the material. The necklaces can be washed, however, by wetting your hands in soap and water, ... Read More »

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Do Phiten necklaces really work?

On One Hand: Scientists Are Not ConvincedAccording to Phiten (the company that manufactures the Phiten necklaces), the titanium-infused tape that the necklaces are made with can positively affect t... Read More »

Do Phiten tectonite necklaces really work?

On One Hand: Many Athletes Use ThemThe company Phiten manufacturers necklaces that are supposed to help the flow of electricity in the human body. These necklaces have been worn by some well-known ... Read More »

How to Braid a Phiten?

Phiten is a term used to describe specially designed necklaces, bracelets and sporting accessories that are manufactured by the Phiten company. The necklaces and bracelets are made from a patented ... Read More »

How to Untangle Necklaces?

You're trying to get that knot out of that necklace you were going to wear. Or you're getting prepared for this type of situation. Or you're- ah, forget it. The point is you wanna know how to get t... Read More »