Can Paxil cause liver damage?

Answer On One Hand: Liver Damage is Not ListedPaxil is a prescription medication that is used to treat depression, obsessive compulsive behavior, anxiety and other psychological disorders. It works by res... Read More »

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Does kava root cause liver damage?

Pacific Islanders have been consuming kava for centuries with no liver problems at all.The liver damage scare was caused by an unscrupulous kava growing selling a batch of stems and leaves to an Eu... Read More »

Can Ibuprofen cause damage to the liver when you are taking it for arthritis?

I am not a doctor and am not sure about the liver or kidney, but I personally know that if you habitually take ibuprofen for any reason, you must take it with meals. I suffered severe esophageal, s... Read More »

Will drinking 4 liters of red wine per week cause liver damage?

yes and you'll get yellow teeth. try just drinking on special occasions

Does paxil cause hair loss?

On One Hand: Paxil Can Cause Hair LossPaxil can lead to temporary hair loss. It is not fully understood why hair loss occurs when taking some medications, but it is believed that Paxil, and other S... Read More »