Can Pap smears determine pregnancy?

Answer A Pap smear cannot determine pregnancy. A Pap smear is a sample of cervical tissue that enables doctors to detect pre-cancerous or cancerous cell abnormalities. A pregnancy test detects the presenc... Read More »

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Do pap smears detect pregnancy?

Pap smears are not used to detect pregnancy. They're used to detect the presence of abnormal cervical cells. If you think you are pregnant, you'll need to have a urine or blood pregnancy test or ph... Read More »

Can pap smears detect pregnancy?

A Pap smear is not a pregnancy test. It is a vaginal swab test that is exclusively to looks for abnormal cells in the cervix that may indicate the presence of cervical cancer or other gynecological... Read More »

Are pap smears mandatory in pregnancy?

While there is no law requiring a pap smear, many obstetricians consider it mandatory during pregnancy, according to online OBGYN site Gynob. American Pregnancy says that a pap smear does not pose ... Read More »

How does the insurance company determine whether a pregnancy is pre-existing or not?

Answer Just like any other condition. It is pre-existing if it was diagnosed prior to applying for the insurance.