Can PS1 games be played on the PS2?

Answer The Sony Playstation 2 is backwards compatible with the original Playstation, meaning it is capable of playing original Playstation games as well as its own. These games must, however, be official... Read More »

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Can Mac games be played on a PC?

No, modern games for Windows cannot run on a Mac. PC games can run on a Mac using an emulator (such as VirtualPC) or installing Windows on your Mac (with Parellels or Boot Camp).Source:Mac-Windows ... Read More »

Can PC games be played on a PS3?

PC games can be played on a Playstation 3 (PS3) through the use of a game streaming technology from The system converts the audio and video of the game into a "game stream," which... Read More »

Can ps1 games be played on ps2 consoles?

You can play most PlayStation (PS1) games on the PlayStation 2 (PS2), with a few exceptions. A handful of PS1 games experience glitches, operate differently or just don't work at all on the PS2. Ex... Read More »

Name Games That Can Be Played in a Preschool?

During preschool, children begin learning about so many things; letters, numbers, shapes and colors are some of the focus items of the preschool curriculum. In addition to learning about all of the... Read More »