Can PC games be played on a PS3?

Answer PC games can be played on a Playstation 3 (PS3) through the use of a game streaming technology from The system converts the audio and video of the game into a "game stream," which... Read More »

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Can Mac games be played on a PC?

No, modern games for Windows cannot run on a Mac. PC games can run on a Mac using an emulator (such as VirtualPC) or installing Windows on your Mac (with Parellels or Boot Camp).Source:Mac-Windows ... Read More »

Can PS1 games be played on the PS2?

The Sony Playstation 2 is backwards compatible with the original Playstation, meaning it is capable of playing original Playstation games as well as its own. These games must, however, be official... Read More »

Can ps1 games be played on ps2 consoles?

You can play most PlayStation (PS1) games on the PlayStation 2 (PS2), with a few exceptions. A handful of PS1 games experience glitches, operate differently or just don't work at all on the PS2. Ex... Read More »

Can LeapFrog games be played on the Wii?

LeapFrog educational games cannot be played on the Wii. The hardware of these two systems are very dissimilar. As of May 2010, Nintendo and Leapfrog have not reported any plans to make the systems ... Read More »