Can Outlook contacts be used for voIP?

Answer Outlook can indeed integrate with VoIP technology, allowing you to hear your voice messages and see your faxes right in your inbox. VoIP providers like Cisco let you click on contacts right from Ou... Read More »

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Will my Outlook contacts work in Outlook Express?

Contacts from Microsoft Outlook can work in Microsoft Outlook Express. In order for them to work, there is a process that involves exporting the clients from Outlook and then importing them into O... Read More »

How do I copy contacts from Outlook 2007 to another computer with Outlook 2007?

Back Up Outlook ContactsOpen Outlook 2007. Select "Import and Export" from the "File" menu. Select "Export to a File," click "Next," select "Personal Folder File (.pst)," and then click "Next." Sel... Read More »

How do I add contacts in Outlook?

Previous MessageAdd a contact from a previously received message in Outlook. Open a message that is from the name you wish to add. Right-click on the name of the person sending the email to you. A ... Read More »

How to Remove Outlook Contacts?

You might want to delete a contact from your Microsoft Outlook address book because the contact is a duplicate, is no longer in use or you may not have a relationship with the person anymore. Eithe... Read More »