Can Orchids Be Planted Next to Each Other?

Answer Out of the over 26,000 flowering plant species in the orchid family, over 200 are native to North America. Known as terrestrial or hardy ground orchids, these plants can be grown successfully outdo... Read More »

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What winter vegetable plants should be planted next to each other?

Planting a winter garden extends the length of your harvest and provides fresh vegetables well into the fall. Using companion planting can improve your winter garden by nourishing the soil, reducin... Read More »

Can you have different wood floors next to each other?

Yes, but the wood planks, strips or squares need to all be the same thickness in order to achieve a level installation. For easy maintenance, both wood surfaces should require the same method of cl... Read More »

I have two squash plants growing riight next to each other, should I pull out one of them?

Two plants are fine. Keep them watered and give them some fertilizer and watch them grow. Keep lookout for striped beetle. Sevin works well for squash beetles.

Do all motorcycle drivers wave to each other when they pass each other how about Jeep wrangler drivers?

I've been riding since about 1973, so I have been around the block a time or two. I have had all sorts of bikes including Hardly Ablesons.I think that when there were fewer bikes on the road it was... Read More »