Can Orchids Be Planted Next to Each Other?

Answer Out of the over 26,000 flowering plant species in the orchid family, over 200 are native to North America. Known as terrestrial or hardy ground orchids, these plants can be grown successfully outdo... Read More »

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How to Care for Phalenopsis Orchids (Moth Orchids)?

The most common orchid acquired by people is the Phalaenopsis orchid. Unfortunately, these are often discarded after the flowers fall off. With proper care, your orchid can flower multiple times a ... Read More »

Does grass spread after planted, or does it just grow in the spots that it was planted in?

Hey Roxanne,Grass can spread in several ways. The roots will get stronger and more blades will shoot up: Rhizomes on some varieties will grow underground and come up randomly, spreading the grass... Read More »

I need help with my Orchids..?

In general, epiphytic orchids prefer conditions that mimic their home environment on branches near the tops of tropical canopies: gently moving, rather than stagnant, air; shaded light rather than ... Read More »

How to Care for Orchids?

Orchids have long been a symbol of love and beauty. Grown by enthusiasts for their sheer elegance and fascination, they're also favored as either a corsage worn on the dress, or as a wristband at m... Read More »