Can Neptune support life?

Answer Although scientists can't say for sure, it seems unlikely that Neptune can support life. Its surface is cold and inhospitable, and there is no standing water, a requirement for life. In Neptune's i... Read More »

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Can the planet Neptune support life?

Nobody really knows iwhetherf Neptune can support life because we have yet to study the planet's surface. Neptune probably cannot support human life because of its frigid temperature, but its high ... Read More »

My partner is on life support after a motorbike accident can anyone give me advice and support?

You just have to be there for your partner,that's all you can do.Be strong and brave.

Is there any sign of plant life on Neptune?

As of June 2010, scientists have not determined if any life exists on the planet Neptune. For life to flourish, Neptune would need liquid water. At its surface, the planet's temperature can be as l... Read More »

How to Help Support the Search for Extraterrestrial Life?

NASA recently announced the discovery of a bacteria that can incorporate arsenic into one of its fundamental building blocks; this discovery will broaden our search for extraterrestrial life. If yo... Read More »