Can My Landlord Evict Me Because My Spouse Moved Out?

Answer When a couple applies to rent an apartment, the landlord typically looks at the income, employment and credit status of both parties. Independently, each might not qualify to rent the apartment. Bu... Read More »

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Reasons Why a Landlord Can Evict You?

Sometimes, living in a rented apartment, tenants can forget that the space is not their own, but rather, it belongs to someone else. Despite the apartment feeling like home to a tenant, a landlord ... Read More »

Can a landlord evict you when a lease is signed?

On One Hand: Eviction is PossibleA landlord may petition to start the eviction process after a lease is signed for a variety of reasons; a tenant that failed to pay rent is the most common cause. A... Read More »

Can my landlord evict me for running a Brothel from my apartment?

Give him free services for life. He'll probably let you stay rent free for that.

Can your landlord evict you for not mowing the lawn in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, a landlord can evict you for not mowing the lawn, if there is language in the lease that you both agreed to stating you would do so (for example, mowing on specific days of the week).... Read More »