Can MediaWiki do small arithmetic to create an external link?

Answer Yes, if you have the ParserFunctions extension installed.… You can check if it's there already by going to Special:Version on your wiki.This extension all... Read More »

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How to Create a MediaWiki Skin from Scratch?

Many sites use the MediaWiki software, including wikiHow! As you can see, despite the fact that MediaWiki comes with a set of ready-to-use skins, many sites, such as wikiHow, choose to have their o... Read More »

How to Link External Feeds in WordPress?

You can link to external RSS feeds from your WordPress blog by using the RSS widget. This widget allows you to pull in blog post titles, author information and summaries using the RSS (Really Simpl... Read More »

How can I link to external websites on Tumblr?

the only way i know how is if you have text somewhere in one f your pages that people will click to get to the page you want-- i think that's what you're asking? go to customize, so you have the wh... Read More »

Can you use an adapter to link your iPad with an external hardrive?