Can MS cause headaches?

Answer Headaches are a rare symptom of multiple sclerosis. However, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, people with MS have a higher chance of getting certain types of headaches, such as... Read More »

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Do tmj splints cause headaches?

On One Hand: Long-Term TreatmentTMJ splints work mainly to prevent teeth grinding in the night. Usually the pain gets gradually worse with time, states Medline Plus. Also, those who use TMJ splints... Read More »

What can cause headaches?

heat,noise,light are major factors of headaches

What can be the cause of my headaches?

i get headaches every day my headaches are migraine attacks you should get a food/drink diary made up each day it could be related to what u eat or drink eg i am not allowed cheese, chocolate, coco... Read More »

Does dehydration cause headaches?

Causes and Symptoms of DehydrationRecognizing dehydration symptoms starts with an understanding of dehydration. Victims of dehydration do not have enough fluid (water) in their bodies to get nutrit... Read More »