Can KY garnish disability insurance for credit card debt?

Answer Try putting all the features, benefits, pricing on a spread sheet. Your agent can probably do that for you.

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Can a credit card company garnish a person's disability or social security check?

AnswerNO, your SS benefits would be exempt under federal law. However, avoid co-mingleing funds in the same account as your SSD benefits.

Can I be summoned to court for credit card debt if I'm on disability& SSI?

If you are living on disability income, the creditor can take you to court, but cannot garnish your income from either disability or SSI. To avoid having a judgment on your credit record, tell your... Read More »

Can credit card companies garnish wages?

Most states will allow credit card companies to garnish a certain percentage of a debtor's wages. The amounts allowed and procedures to receive a court order for garnishment vary greatly from state... Read More »

Can credit card judgements garnish wages in Georgia?

Georgia residents can indeed have their wages garnished over credit card judgments, according to the State Court of Fulton County website. A garnishment of wages can last up to 179 days and then is... Read More »