Can Jergens tanning lotion cover up stretch marks?

Answer On One Hand: Self-Tanners Can Cover Stretch MarksSelf tanners such as Jergens Natural Glow can sometimes temporarily cover stretch marks. Self-tanners gradually darken the skin, but never more than... Read More »

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What lotion prevents stretch marks?

On One Hand: The Ingredients to Look ForWhen it comes to preventing stretch marks, the key is to create skin conditions that are unfavorable to the development of stretch marks by adding moisture. ... Read More »

Stretch Marks & Tanning?

Stretch marks can be irritating to look at, but luckily, they can be made somewhat less visible by using tanning treatments. Some people think regular tanning in the sun or spending time in tanning... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Boobs After Tanning?

Stretch marks on the body occur when muscle or fat growth causes the skin to stretch. Marks around the breasts are typical, especially following pregnancy. Different treatment methods can remove th... Read More »

The Effects of Tanning on Stretch Marks?

Many people have stretch marks; these can occur during puberty, because of a pregnancy or due to weight gain. Stretch marks are difficult to disguise, but when summer comes around, many people star... Read More »