Can Internet games be played on HughesNet?

Answer HughesNet is one of the leading providers of satellite Internet in the world. The speed of HughesNet connections varies from computer to computer, but is comparable to the speed of traditional broa... Read More »

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Can Steam games be played without a connection to the Internet?

A proper Internet connection is required to purchase or start any game on Steam. However, if a connection to the Internet is lost while playing a game on Steam, the game can still continue so long... Read More »

Is Hughesnet Internet as fast as DSL?

Hughesnet satellite Internet service offers six separate tiered plans. The Premium plan reports speeds of 2.7 to 3.0 megabits per second (Mbps) downloads during peak hours. Comparatively, average D... Read More »

Is HughesNet Internet fast& good?

On One Hand: HughesNet suffers from satellite latencyLatency is a delay: In the case of satellite connections, it's the delay from the signal origin to the satellite orbiting the Earth, then to the... Read More »

Can you play online xbox 360 games with hughesnet?

Xbox Live, the service that facilitates online play for Xbox 360 games, supports broadband connections through only cable or DSL modems. HughesNet provides broadband Internet through satellite, whi... Read More »