Can Illinois tax be withdrawn from a checking account?

Answer Illinois state taxes can be both refunded and withdrawn from your checking account. To pay your state taxes by automatic withdrawal, you must check the appropriate box on your tax form and fill out... Read More »

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How many yearly transfers can I have from my PayPal account to my checking account?

Once the identity of the user is verified, there are no limits to the number of transfers that can be requested in one year. PayPal has a limit on the amount of money that can be withdrawn in a one... Read More »

Is a Money Market Checking Account Also a Savings Account?

Money market deposit accounts (MMDAs) are bank savings accounts that have some of the withdrawal capabilities of checking accounts. Some people think money market accounts are checking accounts bec... Read More »

Why is Illinois checking the height of power lines?

The Illinois Commerce Commission is considering the case of Bourkland vs. Commonwealth Edison Co., a complaint that questions whether some power lines in the state meet the height requirement rules... Read More »

How old do you have to be to have a checking account?

Although there is no set age for opening a checking account, many banks are not willing let minors enter into the contract required for a checking account. However, as stated by Chase bank, some ba... Read More »