Can I wear fake eyeslashes without looking trashy?

Answer Go to your local drugstore and take a look at all the different lashes. They come in dramatic and natural. Natural lashes would obviously be a more subtle look and that sounds like what you are loo... Read More »

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Is it trashy to wear shorts with heels?

It all depends on how HIGH the heels are and how SHORT the shorts are :)

How to Wear Makeup in Middle School Without It Looking Trashy?

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Is it trashy to wear mascara on your bottom lashes?

Whoever told you that is full of crap.Putting mascara only on the top lashes opens your eye up, while putting it TASTEFULLY on the bottom lashes give you a more "doll" look.Yes, it looks trashy if ... Read More »

Can you wear fake tan during pregnancy?

It is never advisabe to do unnecessary things with your body when you are pregnant.