Can I wear a solid white tie with a black dress shirt?

Answer Yes, ofc you can !Black goes with anything, and a white tie with a black dress shirt will look real good :)

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Is it slutty to wear a black bra under a white shirt or blouse?

I have a navy blue shirt and khaki pants is it okay 2 wear violet black white and grey sneakers with it?

It doesn't look very good. Uniform clothes generally are good with black shoes like flats or oxfords. Those would look strange together, I've seen people do it. But if you like it go for it, its al... Read More »

Once there was three persons red green white one of them said we wear eachother's names dress the person wore white clothes said ya it is so whose's were which colour's dress?

How do I get the ring-around-the-collar off my white dress shirt and make it white again?

soak the shirt in chlorox bleach for 20 minutes in your washing maching, about a half a cup, then continue washing.