Can I wash my face with vinegar instead of soap?

Answer On One Hand: Vinegar as a facial cleanserApple cider vinegar, often used as a home remedy for acne, contains alpha-hydroxy acids that work as a natural exfoliant. By exfoliating, you remove dead sk... Read More »

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Why do I get pimples on my face ,after I wash my face with soap and I scrub hard?

I scrubbed hard on my chin and I ended up getting pimples too. You can 1. Scrub a little softerOR2. Get a new scrub but still scrub lightly.

How to Wash Your Face With Soap?

There are many different kinds of soap available today. Some contain moisturizers, some are antibacterial, and many are scented. If you choose to wash your face with soap, you should typically use ... Read More »

How to Wash the Face With Anti-Bacterial Soap?

We're all taught the importance of washing our hands from an early age. With the advent of antibacterial soap, you're almost sure to come away with germ-free hands, but you may wonder about using a... Read More »

Liquid Soap & Face Wash Recipe?

Natural skin care products are alternatives to commercial products that contain chemicals. Chemicals may lengthen the shelf life of beauty products, but aren't always good for your face. Keep a sel... Read More »