Can I wash clothes labeled dry clean only?

Answer You can wash some dry-clean-only clothes in a delicate wash, but certain items you will want to have professionally cleaned. Wool tends to shrink, and tuxedos, suits or any other clothing that need... Read More »

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Can I machine wash a "dry clean only" labeled coat?

No - it's not worth saving a few bucks because it might ruin the coat. If it's not dirty looking and just needs refreshing - hang it outside on a clothes line or something similar if you can to le... Read More »

Can I dry clean hand wash clothes?

You can dry clean hand-wash clothes but only use an eco-friendly dry cleaner. Conventional dry cleaning chemicals are harsher on clothes than hand washing; however, EcoClean Dry Cleaning in Austin,... Read More »

Can I wash clothes in a pillowcase Will they be clean?

Yes, you can wash your undies in a pillowcase. I do that regularly. Use a rubber band twisted around the open end in order to keep everything inside the case. You can also use a piece of string, ... Read More »

Is there a safe way to wash Dry Clean clothes in the washer?

It's always a gamble. Some fabrics react to water by loosing their sizing, the stuff that keeps them crisp and thus loose their shape. Spray sizing and ironing may but some back, but just on the s... Read More »