Can I warn you about a current Scam?

Answer I've been getting these kinda email's for years even when filtered.Detection of fake emails is extremely easy, perhapes the easiest of anythign else yet the most common scams can get even the most ... Read More »

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How do you warn a child about strangers?

I would suggest using the concept of "bad guys." You can introduce the idea, talk about it a little, and leave it. Come back to it another time, check what the child remembers, say a little more, a... Read More »

How do you warn a teen about internet predators?

tell them get off the computertell them get off the computer

Oda Mae and her sisters were watching a talk show before Sam came to warn Oda Mae about Willie It was?

Why is it that some here never contribute anything positive and only warn about any and all alternatives?

Tony, I have to agree with you on this. I don't understand why people think that only big pharmaceutical companies can find cures for things. We've had medicine around for centuries before those c... Read More »