Can I use wifi on my home with LG Thrive?

Answer no

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IPhone 4S will connect to any wifi except my home wifi?

Don't run cc cleaner... Also, don't use static settings. Touch the blue arrow next to the network you're trying to connect to and select forget this network. Try connecting again after that. Let me... Read More »

How to Get a WiFi Connection at Home?

Wi-Fi, which stands for "wireless fidelity," is a catchy phrase for a wireless Internet connection. Wi-Fi allows you to move around your home with your laptop computer and remain online. As long as... Read More »

How do i set up home wifi without a router?

Verify Computer CompatibilityCheck to be sure that your has a wireless adapter. For most desktop machines, this will be an installed part that features an antenna extending from the back of the tow... Read More »

How does home wifi work and how to i get it?

You need a modem and a router. A modem receives internet from your ISP(Internet Service Provider). You can then hook up your modem with a router allowing wireless internet and multiple wired networks.