Can I use wifi on my home with LG Thrive?

Answer no

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Is it possible too connect a computer without wifi too one with wifi too get wifi?

my answer is yes here is how I will have to assume a few things since you question is a bit vague ( aka you don't say the comp's you are using for this are 2 laptops, 1 desktop- 1 laptop or 1 de... Read More »

IPhone 4S will connect to any wifi except my home wifi?

Don't run cc cleaner... Also, don't use static settings. Touch the blue arrow next to the network you're trying to connect to and select forget this network. Try connecting again after that. Let me... Read More »

If i have a smartphone with wifi hotspot can i run my router to my home pc?

How to connect your Android phone to a wireless network - On your Android phone tap on Settings.- Under Settings tap on Wireless and networks.- Once in Wireless and networks just tap on Wi-Fi sett... Read More »

Their is an broadband internet in my home. Can i connect with wifi on mobile Plz help me. Thnx?

yess...all you need is a router and wifi compatible mobile