Can I use white drywall for a projection screen?

Answer You can use white drywall for a projection screen, but the picture quality will suffer. Drywall has a slightly textured appearance that is evident in the projection images, and the white paint may ... Read More »

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What is the normal screen size of a video projection screen?

No normal video projection screen size exists, although screens in the 100- to 110-inch range serve most home theaters, according to Cinema Source technicians. Projector aspect ratio---16:9 standar... Read More »

How to Fix Your Big Screen Projection TV?

Big screen projection TVs suffer from common problems that affect other types of television sets, such as A/V cable placement errors, power cable disconnections, video input issues and even magneti... Read More »

Projection screen tv?

If it's a rear projection tv color is determined by the color wheel. Maybe it got broken in the move. Do a search on how to check it for your exact model and take a look at it. If it's broken, p... Read More »

What you can use for rear screen projection?

Rear projection screens are difficult to make. They have to achieve two things in order to work: First, they need to pass light freely. As the projector is behind the screen, the audience in fro... Read More »