Can I use water well my leach field is being replaced?

Answer Ask the foreman of your work crew. If they pump out your septic tank as part of replacing the leach field, then it will be OK to flush and use the toilet. It won't take 2 full days to do what their... Read More »

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How to Tell if Your Leach Field Is Bad?

A leach field is a series of rock-filled trenches where filtered water leaving a septic tank is allowed to percolate, or "leach," down into the ground. According to the El Dorado County Environment... Read More »

How deep should a leach field be?

A leach field is laid at least 4 feet deep, keeping above bedrock and groundwater. The leach field should not be placed under any area where heavy loads occur, such as driveways or above-ground poo... Read More »

How much weight can go over a leach field?

Put as little weight as possible on a leach field. It is important to limit the use of heavy machinery on a leach field and mowing should be done only for fire prevention, according to the Universi... Read More »

Can a backhoe be driven on a leach field?

A backhoe should not be driven on a leach field. The weight of the machine can break pipes buried in a leach field or compact the soil, making it harder for the field to drain properly.References:U... Read More »