Can I use use milk paint outdoors?

Answer Milk paint should not be used outdoors without a weatherproofing additive or clear coat exterior finish sealer. Colored milk paint may spot if wet. White milk paint is more weather durable, but sti... Read More »

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What is milk paint used for?

Milk paint is made from casein, or milk protein, and has been used by ancient civilizations to paint cave walls, embellish burial tombs and decorate homes and furniture. Milk paint is currently use... Read More »

How did milk paint get its name?

People have used milk paint for thousands of years. Artifacts found in Egyptian tombs were painted with milk paint. Milk paint is an all-natural substance and is easy to make at home.IngredientsMil... Read More »

How to Make Milk Paint?

Milk paint has been around since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. It has become popular again today, because it is environmentally friendly. There are no toxins in milk paint. It is made with all... Read More »

Can you paint with canned evaporated milk?

To make paint, simply divide a can of evaporated milk into small containers, or perhaps into the sections of a muffin pan. Add a few drops of food coloring to each container, stir, and you have a s... Read More »