Can I use this to cover my Cake Pops?

Answer 'Tis worth a try, my dear.

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Cake pops/ cake balls covering?

i don't know if it works but what about marshmallows?

What to do with leftover cake pops?

Break them apart and layer them with instant pudding and whipped topping. Pour fudge on top for extra moisture.

How to Make Cake Pops?

Move over cupcakes; cake pops are a lot more fun! Cake pops are a sweet treat consisting of cake turned into a lollipop. Originally made famous by Bakerella, [1] cake pops also ended up in Starbuck... Read More »

Do you have to freeze cake pops after decorating them?

You can put them in the freezer after making them, as they do generally need a little while to firm up - but it depends on whether you are using icing or chocolate? Do you have time to do a 'dry ru... Read More »