Can I use this graphics card in my computer?

Answer You have the available PCIe x16 slot to physically install it, however, the power supply on your PC is incapable of supporting this video card (it needs more juice than your power supply can give).... Read More »

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Can my computer handle this new graphics card?

The 640 takes less power than your older 8800GTS, so you should be fine.

Will my computer with-hold this graphics card?

Without knowing what the power supply is in your PC no one can give you a good answer. Need to know at least the 12v+ amps and number of rails if multiple, their should be a small chart on the side... Read More »

Does this computer come with a graphics card?

It comes with integrated graphics (built into the motherboard), but also has a PCI-express expansion slot so you can fit a more powerful video/graphics card, which you would need to do if you plan ... Read More »

Would this graphics card work with my computer?

Yes, both cards are PCI-E interface.Boot the computer & log in, go to the device manager and under display adapters uninstall the nvidia display adapter. The computer will want to reboot, instead j... Read More »