Can I use the Vista license on more than one computer?

Answer On One Hand: No, for Retail LicensingAccording to Microsoft, you can use your Vista license on another computer, but only if you uninstall Vista on the original computer. However, you cannot use th... Read More »

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What is the meaning of a Windows Vista license key?

Microsoft requires a license key, sometimes referred to as a product key, for the legal use of all Windows operating systems.PurposeLicense keys are nothing more than a series of numbers and/or let... Read More »

Do you lose your XP license when you upgrade to Vista?

Windows XP users who install an upgrade version of Windows Vista lose the XP license and can no longer use the old operating system. However, if you upgrade to Vista using a standard edition of the... Read More »

Does Vista require a license code for activation?

Yes, Windows Vista requires a license code for activation. As of 2010, the new type of product activation is called Volume Activation, which uses a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) code or a Key Manag... Read More »

How to Upgrade From Windows Vista Ultimate 32 Bit to 64 Bit License Key?

Windows Vista Ultimate 32 and 64 might share the same name, but the operating systems are far from alike. Windows 64 utilizes 64-bit memory addressing, allowing your computer to detect additional i... Read More »