Can I use the Vista license on more than one computer?

Answer On One Hand: No, for Retail LicensingAccording to Microsoft, you can use your Vista license on another computer, but only if you uninstall Vista on the original computer. However, you cannot use th... Read More »

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How do I install Vista on more than one computer?

Microsoft Windows Vista is licensed for use on only one computer. If you wish to install Vista on another computer, you will have to first remove it from the computer on which it is currently insta... Read More »

How to Get Windows Vista to Recognize More Than 3GB?

Microsoft Windows Vista comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, which differ significantly in how the operating system and computer manages memory (RAM). The 64-bit Vista is capable of recognizin... Read More »

Why is Windows XP so much more popular than Vista?

In my personal experience, I hate all the pop-ups Vista does. It constantly asks you if you want to do something-like something you just did. You try to open a program or a web page and it asks you... Read More »

Can you hold a marriage license in more than one state if you are married to the same person?

Obtaining two licenses is certainly possible and legal, although each state has different rules for obtaining a license. To do this, the couple would have to hold ceremonies and file for a license ... Read More »