Can I use scholarship money to pay for my apartment while I'm in college?

Answer Usually the answer to this is yes, however it depends on the rules of your particular scholarship. Either way you can probably use your other financial aid. Basically, if the donor specifies that... Read More »

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Did you keep your dorm/apartment clean while in college?

I try my hardest. I usually have a day once a month when I'm feeling super OCD and clean everything. Other than that just random tidying.

How to Make Money Online While in College?

There are a few ways you can make some extra money through your Internet connection while in college...

If you are a college student can you get money while not being able to work?

%DETAILS% Answer No unemployment for students (at least in Michigan) If I said no unemployment for full time students, that should cover all states. As far as disability, yes, you can get disabili... Read More »

I won a scholarship for any college in IL...but I don't want to go to college in IL!!!?

Do you have ANY idea how good a school UIUC is? But I digress.The programs you're talking about will not necessarily pay off all your loans nor will they repay your family for the money they spend ... Read More »