Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean a laptop keypad?

Answer On One Hand: An Effective Cleaning AgentThe build up of oil and dirt caused by spilled beverages, dust, hair, and everyday use can cause the keys on a keyboard to stick longer when pressed. Isoprop... Read More »

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Is it bad to clean my face with alcohol (rubbing)?

Alcohol doesn't really clean your face. It only dries it out badly. There are a lot of face cleaners out in bar & liquid form that will clean your face well. You want something that will clean the ... Read More »

How to Clean Tattoos With Rubbing Alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, is a common disinfectant. It kills bacteria and germs and prevents infection and prepares skin for the invasive tattooing process. When you need a ... Read More »

What's the difference between green rubbing alcohol vs white rubbing alcohol?

Can you use rubbing alcohol on a small cut or scratch to clean it?

NO. I can't believe all these people are telling you yes!!! NO. FROM WIKIPEDIA:Alcohol pads - should not be used on open cuts or wounds, since they cause tissue damage and delay healing. They can b... Read More »