Can I use primer and moisturizer on my face if so which can I put on first?

Answer Hi:).So what you wana do is for best results--Apply a light layer of moisturiser and let it dry in for 5 mins. - after five mins apply your primer:)!Hope I helped:)xo

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Is a face primer like a moisturizer?

No a moisturiser moisturises your face and makes it soft. A primer is something you put on your face and it helps keep your foundation/ face makeup on all day long. It also helps set your makeup. H... Read More »

Primer + moisturizer?

I always use primer and moisturizer and i have dry/normal skin :)

DIY Face Moisturizer?

Whether your skin is dry, oily, normal or some combination of the three, moisturizer is a good thing. Moisturizer hydrates the skin and, depending on what you put into it, will help heal, soften or... Read More »

How to Choose Moisturizer for a Dry Face?

Finding the right moisturizer for a dry face is very important. Some moisturizers will increase the dryness while others will make your skin oily. However, finding the right balance in moisturizers... Read More »