Can I use my power mac g3 keyboard and mouse on an iMac g4?

Answer Well Why Dont you try it on? :)),If It Doesnt work then buy a new one...

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Does an iMac keyboard illuminate?

The Apple Wireless Keyboard included with the iMac doesn't have a backlight to illuminate the keys. The keyboard requires two AA batteries to operate and connects to the computer using Bluetooth te... Read More »

Should I use the mouse or the tripad for the 2012 iMac?

Haha, its really just personal preference. I've used laptops my entire life so using a mouse seems foreign. I have used a mac trackpad for 5 years, so i would use the trackpad. But the new magic mo... Read More »

Where is the command button on an iMac keyboard?

The command key on an Apple iMac keyboard performs the same function as the Windows key and the CTRL key on a Windows keyboard. It can be found directly either side of the space bar.References:Appl... Read More »

Will a Dell wireless Bluetooth keyboard work on an iMac?

Yes, barring any glitches. Many Bluetooth devices, including Dell keyboards, are designed to work generically with any other brand or manufacturer. Check your keyboard-system-preference pane to see... Read More »