Can I use my pc without any anti-virus, whats the worst that can happen?

Answer Download AVG from the internet quickly, or you could get a virus.This offers to fix problems too. It's free....

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Whats the best anti virus protector and anti spyware to have and are free to download,i have trojans and bobax?

Hi, there are many good answers and references here. I will try to summarize and give you one list but it is based on my personal preference and use (and they're all free):1-AVG anti-virus (esp. if... Read More »

Can a i.v. become dangerous if you put it in wrong to rehydrate a person whats the worst that could happen?

If you put an IV in wrong, you have put it into the tissue and not the vein. You will get a painful infiltration.In the old days, that is what they did, Kinda. We would put the needle into the t... Read More »

Whats the best anti-virus?

i did have norton but a computer expert said to use kaspersky so now im using that. so far so good .

Whats the best freeware anti virus?