Can I use my baby's poop instead of manure as garden fertilizer?

Answer My kids were poop machines. Our corn was seven feet tall every year for six years straight!

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How do I use manure for garden fertilizer?

SelectionGather fresh manure from plant-eating animals, such as cows, horses, goats and sheep. Never use manure from pets or meat-eating animals, such as pigs, since it may contain pathogens that m... Read More »

Horse Manure As a Garden Fertilizer?

Manure left untreated is merely horse feces, but properly composted manure makes for a valuable organic fertilizer. Composting horse manure and adding it to soil improves crop-growing quality and w... Read More »

Is sheep Manure safe to use as fertilizer in a vegetable garden?

Yes, but it is better if it has aged and ask the farmer what drenches he gave the sheep and watch out for weed seeds if it is fresh manure.

Can cat manure be used for fertilizer?

No Cat Manure FertilizerNO! Cat manure can contain Toxoplasma gondii and other organisms that are harmful to human health. Toxoplasmosis is infection with the Toxoplasma parasite. Humans can be inf... Read More »