Can I use my auto jumper as a battery charger?

Answer On One Hand: An Auto Jumper Can Start CarA car battery needs a charge of 12 volts or more to engage the starter solenoid and turn the engine. If the battery drops to below 12 volts, the engine will... Read More »

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How to Use My Auto 12V Battery Charger?

Car batteries often drain or die. This is due to any number of reasons, including improper maintenance, extremely hot or frigid temperatures or alternator failure or you simply forgot to turn off t... Read More »

How to Connect a Charger to an Auto Battery?

An automobile battery and charging system is designed so that the alternator recharges the battery automatically as the engine runs. This system works great almost all of the time, but when, for ex... Read More »

How to Repair an Auto Battery Charger?

Auto or car battery chargers use 120 volt mains electricity which is converted to 12 volts to produce a constant flow of electrons to your battery. Battery chargers rarely go wrong, but if they do ... Read More »

How to Build an Auto Battery Charger?

A lead acid battery, such as those used in automotive electrical systems, must be recharged periodically to maximize battery life. A battery is recharged when the automobile is started and has been... Read More »