Can I use my XM account with more than one radio?

Answer Up to five radios may be attached to one XM satellite radio account. XM offers family plans which allow one primary radio and up to four additional devices. However, users must pay for each active ... Read More »

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Can you download apps more than once on more than one android phone on the same account?

Motorola is introducing a new low-end line of Android phones for Boost Mobile. They're throwing around the $350-$400 price range right now. That is pretty cool, considering you won't be tied down t... Read More »

Do you have an account with more than one social networking site?

Yup!Facebook since late 2010.Twitter since early 2011.Instagram since mid 2012.Tumblr since mid 2012.I'm not sure if you would consider YouTube a social network, but I made an account in May 2012. ... Read More »

A question about itunes, can I use more than one device with the same account?

Yes you could have more than 2 devices signed into the same Apple ID (I have 3 currently) but no you can't use a regular MP3 player with it.

Can more than one individual be on an IRA account?

IRA stands for individual retirement account. You cannot have more than one person's name on the account because the account is tied to your Social Security number for contribution and tax purposes... Read More »