Can I use my TomTom for geocaching?

Answer Trying to cache with an automotive GPS is like trying to drive a nail with a monkey wrench - you can sort-of do it, but it's not the right tool for the job. Automotive units generally are oversize... Read More »

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I own a TOMTOM GPS System. I Wish To Go Geocaching With it But I Have NO IDEA how to make it go offroad Help!?

A TomTom GPS System will not help you go geocaching. A TomTom will determine your location and route you, via road, to your destination.Garmin and Magellan make GPS units which are suggested for g... Read More »

How to Use a Geocaching Travel Bug or Geocoin on

Travel bugs and coins gives geocaching an interesting aspect of a game. The whole concept is for them to travel from one cache to another. Some of them have goals or "missions" to seek specific kin... Read More »

Do TomTom Navigator maps work on TomTom Go?

The TomTom Go device is not compatible with Navigator maps. While on the TomTom website, you may download newly updated maps for your TomTom Go under the maps tab. You must select one of the maps l... Read More »

How to Use Your Car GPS for Geocaching?

Geochacing and a global positioning system (GPS) unit can be combined for adventure and fun. GPS is a satellite based navigation system that will lead you to a location when you input the correct c... Read More »