Can I use my HDTV as a computer monitor I have a S-Video and a Component hook-up.?

Answer As long as your PC has an S-Video output.

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Have a sony 42 inch hd monitor - your cable provider does not offer hdtv at this time is there a way to get another component?

You can always get what's called an `upconverter'. What that does, is convert standard video into a synthetic HDTV signal by using a technique known as line doubling. And no, I don't know off hand ... Read More »

How do you hook up a personal computer to a HDTV that does not have a VGA in?

You must get an appropiate adaptor; see the site:-,39066264,61985379-7,00.htm

PC dual screen; HDMI HDTV with secondary vga monitor why does the monitor look better than the hdtv?

Tv's usally only support HD formats natively. 1600x1080 is not a native HD format as far as I know, so it is probably scaling to fit which usually looks very bad. Set the HDTV to either 1920x1080p ... Read More »

I have an older hdtv with only one hd component input. I have 3 hd devices I wish to use, any ideas?

There are many Component video switches on the market.Look at these...…But you could use a Receiver with component switching... Read More »