Can I use my Epson L-500V digital camera as a webcam?

Answer I don't think so. I have a bit of experience with this as I've written some webcam software before... (See if you're interested)Digital cameras that can double a... Read More »

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Can I use my digital camera as a webcam?

Nope, but a decent webcam won't cost more than $20

Can a digital camera be used as a webcam?

It depends on the manufacturer and the software you have on your 'puter. I have a digi camera that doubles quite nicely as a webcam, but another that wouldn't do it. Try and see. If not, webcams ar... Read More »

Can my digital camera double as a webcam?

Some cameras have the function to act as a webcam, but others don't. Advanced and brand name cameras usually can't as a webcam, but cheaper and smaller cameras tend to have the webcam function. So ... Read More »

How can i turn my digital camera into a webcam?