Can I use my Citi card at an ATM?

Answer A Citi credit card can be used at an automatic teller machine (ATM). Additional fees may apply for cash advances taken at an ATM. A higher annual percentage rate may also apply to Citi card transac... Read More »

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What is Citi Card extra cash?

The Citi Card extra cash program offers a member monetary credit that he can redeem for travel, entertainment and products purchased through Citi Card's online portal.Earning RewardsA Citi Card mem... Read More »

How do i get a record of purchases made on a citi card?

Contact Citi CardsCall Citibank directly for a listing of recent transactions on your credit card account. There is a list of card-specific phone numbers on the Citi website, or alternatively look ... Read More »

Can you trade Forex with Citi?

Forex is the exchange market where foreign currency is traded. It is possible to trade foreign exchange (Forex) with Citi's CitiFX Protrading platform. Citi's CitiFX Pro was named the best retail p... Read More »

Where is Citi Residential lending located?

Citi Residential Lending is located in Orange, California. The mailing address for the company is One City Boulevard West, Orange, CA. Citi Residential Lending, however, is a part of the much large... Read More »