Can I use motor oil to coat snake drain cables?

Answer While motor oil will coat snake drain cables, it is not really a good lubricant and tends to gum up over time. Instead, use "snake oil" which lubricates, protects snake cables from rust. Snake oil ... Read More »

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How do I use a drain snake?

Insert the SnakeRemove the drain cover if necessary. Push the plumber's snake into the clogged drain. Feed it in until you feel it stop or push up against the blockage.TwistTwist the snake by hand,... Read More »

How do I snake a drain?

Insert the AugerPlace a bucket and lay towels in the work area beneath the sink to collect any water and debris. Remove the drain cover or pop-up stopper, and place the head of the plumbing snake, ... Read More »

How to Snake a Drain?

There are 2 types of plumbing snakes: drain augers and closet augers. Drain augers are more common for snaking your own drain. Closet augers are smaller and mostly used for getting past a toilet tr... Read More »

How to Snake Out a Clogged Drain?

To properly unclog a drain in your home you need to use drain auger, also known as a snake. A drain auger is a long flexible metal, corkscrew-shaped device that you put down your drainpipe to loos... Read More »