Can I use magnet sheet in regular printer?

Answer Phone the manufacturer Laura,And ask what types (If any) of magnetic papercan be used in a conventional printer, becausethere could be an electrical risk, because magnetic paperalso conducts electr... Read More »

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How many inches is a sheet of regular computer printer paper?

How Is an Electromagnet Different From a Regular Bar Magnet?

Magnetism is a natural force that allows magnets to interact with other magnets, and certain metals, at a distance. Each magnet has two poles, named the “north” and “south” poles. Like magn... Read More »

Can I bake a regular cake mix in a quarter-sheet pan?

You can bake a regular cake mix in a quarter-sheet pan. However, a typical boxed mix yields between 3 and 6 cups of batter. Ideally, a 1/4-sheet pan, measuring 9x13 inches, holds seven cups of batt... Read More »

What is the difference between a laser printer and a regular printer?

Jim B gave a very good to the point answer as to what is the difference.As regards of which is most efficient that depends on lots of things like what make and model of printers and what are you pr... Read More »