Can I use inkjet paper with a laser printer?

Answer Inkjet paper is specifically made to work with inkjet printers, as the paper absorbs ink from the printer. Since laser printers use heat to bond toner to paper, using inkjet paper could damage your... Read More »

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Can you print photos on inkjet paper with a laser printer?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanAccording to computer consultant Jamie Rivers, most laser printers can feed and print on inkjet paper. This means you can print your photos on inkjet paper using a laser pr... Read More »

Can I use laser paper in my inkjet printer?

yes just do not tell the printer its printing on laser paper - hide the rapper.

Can clear laser paper be used in an inkjet printer?

Clear laser paper should not be used in an inkjet printer. The coating on clear laser paper is not designed for use in inkjet printers. Doing so could result in poor print quality and cause damage ... Read More »

Ink Replacement With Inkjet Printer Vs. Laser Printer?

Inkjet and laser printers are, respectively, the most popular everyday printing technologies in both homes and offices worldwide. Inkjet printers use small cartridges filled with liquid ink, while ... Read More »