Can I use induction-based pressure cooker and other cookware on normal gas stove?

Answer You can.

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Can I use this pressure cooker on a electric stove?

Use any preasure cooker on an electric cooker Thats what they are made for

Is pressure cooker canning allowed on a glass top stove?

Most glass top stove manufacturers do not recommend using a canner or pressure cooker. However, it is possible to use one. Use a stainless steel pressure cooker with a 3-ply base and make sure the ... Read More »

Does a pressure cooker canner work on an electric stove?

You can use a pressure cooker for either cooking or canning on an electric stove. Because the burners on an electric stove are slow to adjust temperatures, it is necessary to remove the pressure co... Read More »

Will Presto pressure cooker gaskets fit a Mirro pressure cooker?

While a Presto gasket may appear to fit on a Mirro pressure cooker, it is not for use with the Mirro brand. Using a gasket not manufactured or recommended for a specific pressure cooker can cause s... Read More »