Can I use iTunes with my Zune?

Answer You can use iTunes with your Zune, but there is a drawback. Both iTunes and Zune support AAC and MP3 formats when a CD is ripped into your computer. But according to Matt Rosoff at CNET News, "The ... Read More »

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How to Use iTunes Software to Function With the Zune?

Perhaps you're making the switch from an Apple iPod device to Microsoft's Zune. Maybe you have both and wish you could streamline your collection. Whatever your reason, you can integrate your iTune... Read More »

Can Zune work with iTunes software?

On One Hand: Only Apple iPods Work With iTunesApple allows only its own iPod, iPhone and iPad devices to automatically, natively sync with iTunes software. While other companies have tried to enabl... Read More »

Does the Zune 30 gb use iTunes?

No, the Zune 30 GB, nor any other Zune, for that matter, does not run Apple's iTunes program. The Zune 30 GB runs on the Windows Portable Media Center software, a specially designed version of the ... Read More »

How do I convert iTunes to Zune format?

Open iTunesOpen the iTunes application on your computer. ITunes is free and will convert your iTunes music to a file type accepted by your Zune.Select File TypeSelect "Edit" and choose "Preferences... Read More »