Can I use hp 60 series ink with my hp 61 series ink printer 1050?

Answer Probably not. Even if they look exactly alike on the outside, there may be a difference. If your printer calls for #61, then that's what it needs...

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Help with HP deskjet 1050 all-in-one series?

Hi Katie it is a standard usb cable. it is a bit awkward to get the printer end in i do confess as i have two of these printer scanners.

How to scan on hp deskjet 1050 j410 series?

Go in the control panel and click on Scanners and Cameras. You will see the HP icon there. Click it to activate the scanner and use the opening menu to scan.

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You may try , and like , Farscape and Firefly ; below are two relevant links that lead to additional information regarding both shows .

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