Can I use glass for a paint palette?

Answer On One Hand: Glass Works Well for a PaletteGlass is nonabsorbent, making mixing paints on the surface a snap. There are several companies that make palettes out of tempered safety glass, which does... Read More »

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How to Clean off a Paint Palette?

Do you hate it when you finish painting and your palette is horribly stained with paint? With these tips, you'll never have a gunky palette again!

How to Find the Color Palette in Paint Shop Pro X3?

Paint Shop Pro's 'missing' Material PaletteFor some graphic software, finding the color palette is pretty simple. It's already there for you to use. Corel Paint Shop Pro, presumably in an attempt t... Read More »

How many colors did the paint palette of a typical artist have during the Renaissance?

Renaissance painters used red, green, brown, blue, purple, yellow, white and black for basic pigments in their painting palettes. Artist devotion to realism during the Renaissance period demanded m... Read More »

How do I oil paint on glass?

Lay Down the PatternLay down a traceable pattern, and place a clean dry sheet of glass over the top.Trace the PatternTake a thick lead pencil, and press hard as you trace the desired pattern onto t... Read More »