Can I use color safe bleach on clothes that say do not bleach?

Answer You can use oxygen bleach on most washable clothing. Oxygen bleach is also known as color-safe bleach. It is designed to remove stains on colored fabrics. Test first for colorfastness, or fading by... Read More »

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Uses for Color-Safe Bleach?

Color-safe bleach cleans and disinfects like regular bleach but does not remove the color from a material. Color-safe bleach has as many uses as regular bleach and has become a staple in some homes... Read More »

What is color safe bleach?

Color-safe bleach is bleach used in addition to laundry detergent on colored fabrics. It removes stains from clothing and keeps colors bright. This bleach is not diluted and is available in liquid ... Read More »

Sodium hypocholorite and/or chlorine dioxide: bleach, or not bleach?

When you mix it up with citric acid according to the directions, it produces chlorine dioxide.From Wiki: "Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula ClO2. This yellowish-green gas cr... Read More »

Does any one know how to get bleach stains out of clothes?

you cant remove bleach stains..sorryyou can dye the spots...but no guarantee to match the original color