Can I use any external hard drive for my desktop computer?

Answer The external drive that you have chosen will work just fine. All you do is just plug in the power card, then plug in the USB cord to your computer.Good Luck

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Can i use a desktop external hard drive in my laptop?

Yes. If the external HDD uses USB 2.0 or 3.0 you can always hook it up to a laptop with the same port. You can also fetch and store data like you would on a desktop. If the External HDD uses eSata,... Read More »

How to Make a Computer Hard Drive Into an External Hard Drive Kit?

If you no longer wish to use an internal desktop hard drive on its original computer, you can use an external hard drive enclosure to convert the drive from its internal interface to an external on... Read More »

Which would you say is the best Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive The Pro, Desktop, or Go?

HiI prefer the 'PRO' version because of its eSATA capabilites and Firewire.Of course, I had to get an eSATA external drive because my MB handles 3.0 Gb/sec and it was worth it. It works roughly 3.5... Read More »

How to Use a Computer As an External Hard Drive?

A computer can be "slaved" to another computer to function as an external hard drive. The procedure requires that both computers are using the same operating system and have similar input ports to ... Read More »