Can I use any computer tower for my monitor?

Answer Yes, a monitor will work with any tower as long as the tower's video output is the same as the monitor's video input cable. There are several types of video output ports, the most popular being VGA... Read More »

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My computer tower beeps when I turn it on, but nothing comes up on my monitor is it dead?

To assist you further what is the brand (mfg) and model number of your pc?

How to Properly Hook Up an Elite DVI-D to an HDMI Cable for a Computer Monitor to the Tower?

The Elite DVI-D to HDMI cable transforms the video from your tower so it can be displayed on an HDMI-enabled monitor. The cable features one DVI and one HDMI end, so you don't have to fumble around... Read More »

My tower computer is acting up. My monitor was going into power saving mode and going dead, Why?

My Acer computer I bought last year wont turn on. The monitor does but not the tower. Any suggestions?