Can I use an iMac as a DVR?

Answer You can use an iMac as a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). To do this, you need an external TV tuner device and recording software. You may also need a video cable if you want to output video to a tele... Read More »

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For my graduation I am going to get an iMac. For owners of the iMac: Are you satisfied with the iMac?

My iMac is awesome. It is a 2GHz processor with 3GB memory. The screen is wonderful and very high-quality, and the operating system, of course, is the best in the business. You will love your iMac.... Read More »

Will blu ray playback on a 21.5 inch iMac work by plugging the one end of the hdmi cable from the blu ray player into the iMac's mini display port using an hdmi to mini displayport adaptor?

no the display port is an output so that would just connect two outputs together

How to Buy RAM for Your iMac?

When buying Random Access Memory (RAM) for your iMac computer, you must first determine the type of RAM or memory that is compatible with your specific model of iMac. All iMacs require the use of S... Read More »

Can AOL Be Used on Imac?

Yes, AOL can be used on an Apple iMac by using AOL Desktop for Mac. AOL Desktop includes integration with AOL email accounts, web browsing, AOL-specific tool bars, parental controls and AOL Instant... Read More »